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The Filmmakers

The Filmmakers

SHERBROOKE DOWN: THE ROAD TO CATARACT is the brainchild of Wollongong based screen writer and Australian country music star James Stewart Keene.  It serves as a Proof of Concept/short film for the Sherbrooke Down feature film, currently in development.  James formed a new start up company, Aloft Australian Productions Pty Ltd with Sydney based business partner Steve McNaughton to produce and oversee the project.  In 2020, the company have partnered with Film and Television Agency and completed principal photography in January 2021.




JAMES STEWART KEENE  is an Australian country music artist, screen writer and independent filmmaker.

James cut his teeth in videographic production by necessity. As an independent country musician, he used his artistic vision to bring his promo music videos to life, story boarding the ideas, creating a vision to the music and then putting all the right people in place to make it happen.

James has made quite an impact on the Australian country music scene. His second album, Charm Offensive, made the ARIA Australian Country charts in its first week of release in 2017. He has enjoyed significant airplay around Australia on TV and radio.



HELAL SHMEISSEM is passionate about the film industry. He is an Australian film director specialising in the advertising space, directing predominantly tv commercials in the luxury car market, finance and retail sectors locally and internationally.  In 2020, his agency partnered with Aloft Australian Productions to co-produce the Sherbrooke Down: The Road To Cataract POC short film.

After expanding his first sole trader business, single man operator from the ground up, he found himself quickly outgrowing the one man team, hence the need to create FTVA for both himself and his clients.

Aside from pursuing his passion for directing, he is also the CEO and founder of Film & Television Agency, As CEO Helal oversees the continual growth of the business in every direction and platform he acquires, ensuring maximum revenue for each department day to day.


Film & Television Agency delivers excellence in cinematic production & post production, broadcast, creative, sound design, animation, digital and advertising.




STEVE McNAUGHTON is a successful businessman with over 30 years experience in the corporate world as a Managing Director of a reputable Australian recruitment firm, as well as managing multi-million dollar projects as a private capital investor.   

He also shares a passion with James as a musician, songwriter and creative entrepreneur, releasing a number of albums to critical acclaim.  Steve was also Executive Producer for his music video to 'Storm Chaser', a clip featuring actual footage of real Storm Chasers following tornadoes in the US. The music video gained airplay on ABC TV.  


Steve offers a wealth of experience in corporate governance and as Executive Producer on the project, he will be guiding the financial and project management of the film.

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