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 - A tale of two intertwining True Australian Story -

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SHERBROOKE DOWN: VALLEY OF TEARS is inspired by two intertwining true Australian stories.  Set in 1902-1903 during the lengthy Federation drought, a thriving rural community comes under threat from a government dam project that will destroy their homes, farms and livelihoods.  


At this time, Evangeline and Matthew Keene and their family settle in Sherbrooke to rekindle their hopes and dreams after bankruptcy.  When they befriend local larrikin Mr. Stevens, they become embroiled in a feud with the highly respected and wealthy owners of Waratah Manor and Orchard, Sarah and Charles Grey.


Amidst the recriminations, Charles invites his American friend, the agriculturalist William Williamsburg, to help with the expansion of the orchard.  William discovers that underneath the veneer of a friendly and close-knit community, simmering tensions are threatening to boil over. 


Evangeline and Sarah are two women on very different sides of the fence.  As rumour and innuendo circulate throughout the village, they find themselves running headlong into a fiery collision course.  Meanwhile, as the severe drought threatens Sydney's water supply, the government eyes off Sherbrooke's lifeblood, the Cataract River, to build a mega dam that will satisfy the demands of the thirsty City.


Realising what is at stake, the two feuding families and their matriarchs must somehow put aside their prejudices and mistrust of each other to fight for what they both may lose.


But will it be too little, too late?

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